THE ENRIGHT COMPANY was formed in 1988 by Owner/Broker TIMOTHY ENRIGHT for the purpose of establishing a small yet comprehensive real estate organization boldly different in style and performance from any other Los Angeles based real estate brokerage firm and dedicated to the principle of highly personalized and prestigious representation of a limited number of individual and corporate clients.

Mr. Enright, formerly of New York, has been successfully representing Southern California real estate transactions since 1979. His experience in major residential and commercial sales and acquisitions includes apartment building, shopping centers and other commercial buildings as well as business and retail leasing and new residential construction. An active investor in real estate himself, he is confident that the Los Angeles real estate market has been and will continue as a solid life investment.

The associates of The Enright Company represent a select group of highly trained and experienced professionals comprehensively enabled to handle a client’s total real estate investment portfolio. With the help of skilled graphic artists and advertising specialists, the company is also prepared to undertake strategic marketing campaigns targeted to each individual property and has already introduced such campaigns in the Los Angeles Times, Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles Magazine, and Architectural Digest, as well as prominent billboard displays.

The client roster of The Enright Company constitutes a growing list of distinguished and satisfied individuals and corporations. We invite you to join this group and experience a level of service and representation without parallel in the real estate industry.